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Taking Technology Ventures Beyond

My knowledge of the essential company frameworks and complex business transactions benefit technology companies, their inventors and investors.  My services are right-sized to meet the needs of upstart visionaries and technology firms ready to move through all business growth cycles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I structure agreements, ventures and alliances for software and hardware development, licensing, commercialization and distribution.  Developing and negotiating outsourcing product development and enhancement arrangements along with software licensing, distribution by resellers and end-user maintenance agreement are services I can provide to make your technology-based business grow.

My experience includes representing the engineers and programmers contracting to provide technology development, enhancement and maintenance services with ongoing technology firms.  I have also negotiated and prepared and structured arrangements for the integration new applications and platform conversions into existing technology that produce the next release and new generation of functionality and application.

All of these agreements and arrangements are negotiated and structured to provide the maximum protection of technology ownership, source codes, intellectual property, proprietary secrets and ongoing businesses processes and security.  Strategies to avoid infringement liability and establishing efficient dispute resolution are also incorporated as essential provisions.

I also manage clients' intellectual property portfolio including U.S. and foreign patents, trademarks and copyrights.  I also oversee and assist on litigation, disputes, risk assessment, arbitration and federal, state and local regulatory matters.

My Services For Technology Ventures:

  • Technology development agreements.
  • Confidentiality and technology ownership and transfer agreements.
  • Distribution, sales, marketing and reseller arrangements.
  • End user licensing agreement and licenses for co-development.
  • Computer and software services and maintenance agreements.
  • Structuring of  and commercial due diligence in technology acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances.
  • Outsourcing, manufacturing, hosting and collaborative agreement.
  • Trademark and intellectual property ownership and protection.

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