If you are searching for solutions to your tax, business, and estate planning needs from an experienced, trusted, board certified tax attorney, then you have found the person to help.

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Board Certified Specialist – Tax Law

I am John A. Panyko (pronounced “pank-co”), a Florida Bar Board Certified Tax Lawyer - the highest standard for special skills, proficiency in tax law, professionalism and ethics in the practice of law. I can put my deep understanding of the interplay of federal, state and local taxes to work for you and plan for and minimize the tax impact on you and your business.

35+ Years of Professional Experience

Clients like you in need of tax, business and estate planning need driven and straight forward solutions. Knowing my clients and understanding their needs is the foundation upon which my experience is built. My standard of service is being timely and efficient in analysis, solutions and results.

My clients conducting business nationally and internationally in complex transactions have trusted my experienced prospective and insight. I can help you when a high degree of creative and innovative legal effort and business knowledge is needed or is just nice to call upon.

Tax Planning

Your complex challenges need understandable results. My long-time resourcefulness allows me to recommend both smart strategies to avoid tax pitfalls and methodical steps to achieve tax benefits to solve your seemingly impossible tax challenges and get you the positive results you expect.

You and the IRS

When you are faced with overwhelming federal, state and local tax audits, litigation and collections, you need of the best possible outcome at the earliest possible stage. My experienced insight on what is necessary for you to prevail can be crucial to achieve your best results.

You and Your Business

Statistics show business is tough and many businesses fail despite the valiant and endless efforts of their entrepreneurs like you. Existing businesses often do not reach their profitability potential due to lack of strategic business and tax planning. You do not want to be part of those statistics. I can set a solid operating foundation for your new business venture quickly, efficiently and in the most cost conscience manner as possible.

My extensive experience with emerging growth businesses can assist you in achieving significant profitability and rapid expansion to attract investors and other opportunities. I can assist with implementation of business combination strategies that can secure successful business affiliations and growth networks.

To succeed in business long-term, you must maintain continuing and stable business profitability. By reoptimizing your ongoing business and tax strategies, I can increase your readiness to embrace business changes and deflect adverse effects of law and regulatory changes and moving markets.

I act as corporate counsel and advisor to small businesses. My planning and counseling spans all industries including real estate, technology, hotels, service, franchise and others both nationally and internationally.

My extensive experience can provide strategic advice on the structuring of ongoing commercial agreements in your business. I have assisted many clients who own and operate diversified commercial real estate businesses.

Estate Planning and Probate

Protect the wealth you labored to create for your family. Estate planning is synonymous with wealth transfer and estate taxes. My estate planning goal is to assure care, stability and continued advancement opportunities to those who mean the most to you regardless of your wealth.

I can assist with structuring and implementing plans for caring and providing for loved ones with special needs.

I handle probate matters in an orderly and succinct manner to move the process along as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.

Charities and Tax-Exempt Organizations

Charities and tax-exempt organizations like yours need sound and solid planning of the organizational foundation in order to be successful and make the most impact. Formation of your charity or organization, initial applications for federal and state tax exemptions, and fine-tuning governing boards and committees are services I provide to assure my clients’ efforts are effective, efficient and successful from the start.

Teaming Up For You

Adding me to your team of trusted advisors adds my expertise and study from different angles which provides better and clearer strategies and solutions for you. I provide selfless teamwork and collaboration with your accounting and financial professionals in which you can have the utmost confidence and rely upon at all times.

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Estate Planning

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Charities & Tax-exempts

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