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Speeding Into an Emerging Growth Business*

It has been my pleasure over the years to represent entrepreneurs and help take their business idea into the formation of a company which quickly emerges with a potential for significant profitability and rapid expansion.  The technology and computer software up-starts have been some of the most rewarding.

I have experience helping clients pursue and structure multiple rounds of institutional lending and capital financing from angel and venture capital investors.  Negotiating and structuring these transactions to preserve my client’s continued management, ownership equity and interest in future profits is a large portion of the service I can provide.  My experience helps set realistic client and investor expectations with both effective and mutually beneficial results.

Many of my clients have begun as a local business that we have launched in into successful multi-state and regional companies which have expended revenue exponentially.  Such growth commonly has relied on the acquisition of multiple companies in the same or complementary industry, product supply and/or distribution chains and end-user direct marketing and sales.

Several clients have also benefited by my negotiation, structuring and implementation of investment in them by larger companies and other investors positioning themselves for future acquisition or to supplement their own core business and markets.

My knowledge of and experience in key areas of this activity including tax planning, technology transfers and licensing, patent, trademark and other intellectual property, employment and compensation packages and business best practices can provide you effective and efficient results.

* Emerging growth companies, as they are known, are entitled to reduced regulatory and reporting requirements under the Securities Act and the Exchange Act.  Here, we use the term Emerging Growth Business to described businesses with a dream of going public which are included in that category.

Clients Who Use My Services:

  • Businesses, entities and individuals pursing financing from angel and venture capital investors and funds and a wide variety of other sources.
  • Entrepreneurs in computer software and hardware, information technology, consumer products, direct marketing, mobile and web apps.

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