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Loving Your One With Special Needs

I have been honored during my years of work to be trusted by clients to help with structuring and implementing plans for caring and providing for children and other family members with special needs.

This planning challenge to me breaks out generally into separate considerations of the “person’ and “resources.”  Both person and resources are naturally interrelated.  Separation, however, allows the application of different and distinct levels of compassion, evaluation and focus on both the person and resources and then an overall fine-tuning review of the interrelationship and workings of both to tune both into harmony and success.

“Person” is the continued and enhanced quality of life and opportunity for achieving certain levels of independence.  Assuring the well being of such a loved one involves great thought on persons, programs and environments that can excel in achieving your desired goals.  This area of care is of critical importance because this is exactly where you want available family resources to fund.

The key to “Resources” is assuring that your available individual resources are marshalled so they provide special and supplemental care over that provided by governmental benefits such as supplemental social security and Medicaid. Devices such as a special needs trust assures continued eligibility for benefits is not adversely affected or terminated by family financial assistance.

The care givers and resource mangers need not be the same persons and should be subject to different and distinct levels of consideration and another overall review of whether the needs interaction fits within your plan.

Complexity is present in special needs planning because contingencies and relative unknowns exist.  My experience in leading clients through these challenges can be of benefit to you and result in a sustainable plan.

My Special Needs Planning Services:

  • Third Party Special Needs Trust where the assets are held by a reliable and capable party (typically a parent) rather than the beneficiary.
  • First Person Special Needs Trust typically established to hold a legal settlement, retirement funds, life insurance proceeds or inheritance for the beneficiary.
  • Florida Supplemental Needs Trust

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