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Solid Commercial Real Estate Techniques

My experience in commercial real estate has given me a depth of knowledge that can bring sound, responsive and effective solutions to your real estate matters and issues. My clients own and operate diversified commercial real estate businesses.

Business clients, both large and small need a place to work so handling commercial real estate matters for them is what I do.  Tailoring leases to provide tax incentives and financial benefits to real estate owners and tenants allows me to bring profitability and economic stability to the leasing arrangement.  The resulting economically viable long-term real estate leases can increase the value of both the underlying property and the occupying business.   All good for planning and financing business expansion and the ultimate potential sale of the property and/or business.

I have assisted clients with the development and construction of condominiums, hotels, shopping centers, retail space and productions facilities.  Contract review and facilitation are essential services I provide.  More importantly, my sound tax and financial planning for the entire new venture can ease financing obstacles on the front end, iron out cash flow and unexpected hurdles during development and end with the expected profitability. And, a rewarding find of a bit more cash at the project’s end from time to time.

My residential and mixed-use subdivision projects have focused on the tax incentives for green belts, nature conservancy, conservation easements and public dedication of lands.  We have been able to assure the economic viability of the continuing owner’s association by creating cash-flow producing recreational and common area amenities using other creative and innovative strategies and techniques.

Business people and their families need a place to call home and other places to vacation and retreat. I review the details of their purchases within the mounds of required applications and paperwork and guide them and their children or relatives thru to the day they get the keys.

Services For A Solid Real Estate Portfolio:

  • Negotiating and preparation of purchase contracts and commercial, retail and industrial leases
  • Planning tax and financial incentives for real estate ventures
  • Financing, contract review and facilitation for real estate development
  • Preparation of maintenance and service agreements
  • Drafting and review of loan agreements, guarantees and securities
  • An occasional assist on the home and vacation/retreat purchase
  • Responsive legal services for effective solutions and results

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