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Reoptimizing Your Business and Tax Strategies

Readiness to embrace a needed business change or deflect an adverse effect of a change in laws, regulations, markets and industries is a key component to success and really continued success.  Too often reflecting on how one does business gets lost and overwhelmed in meeting the daily challenge of actually doing the business.

I have assisted clients for many years fine-tuning their existing organizational, tax and operational structures and best practices to insure and enhance business success in an ever-changing and more challenging business atmosphere.

In many cases, we have actually retooled client business structures operations to make them more receptive and adaptable to changes and trends in their markets and industries. We have sometimes spun-off certain business assets or functions to new related party entities to enhance business performance while achieving business ownership and management succession goals. Other times we have collapsed multiple entities down to streamline management, financial controls and eliminate overlapping or unnecessary administrative functions and efforts.

The key goal of these efforts is to maintain and enhance the core commercial strength of both the client and his, her or their business.  Reoptimizing your business and tax structures and strategies can help you achieve, enhance and retain commercial strength.

What makes a client ready for the next lifecycle of his, her or their business varies and changes just as frequent as the constant law, regulation and market and industry changes and impacts occur.  My knowledge of the intricate functions and effects of business structures and corresponding tax implications and ramifications  will benefit you and your business as both move into your next business phase. And, the next.

Clients Who Use My Services:

  • Suppliers, distributors, manufacturers,  construction, real estate, technology, hospitality, retail, service
  • Franchise and general corporate clients doing business nationally and internationally in complex transactions requiring a high degree of original and creative legal effort and business acumen.

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