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Giving You and Your New Business the Edge

Your own early entrepreneurial spirit reaches its first crescendo when you launch forward with your dreams and plans for a successful and rewarding business.

My role is to assure that the solid foundation of your new business enterprise is set as quickly, efficiently and in the most cost conscience manner as possible.  It certainly is important you understand the organizational structure of your new venture.  But together we want your continued focus to be on the service or products you provide rather than agonizing or being intimidate over actual business formation.

I seldom place entity selection and formation at the forefront of our discussions about your new business.  My focus will be on the upcoming transactional aspects of your new venture. Those aspects define you and your new business for the foreseeable future so need utmost attention.

Together we will further build out your needed assets, equipment, technology, leases, capitalization, financing, insurance, management, and employees so it all works together as envisioned and needed. Revenue production and expense controls within a solid accounting platform is a key. A flawed set up the so-called books is a too often a fatal oversight.

We will together also formulate any necessary contractual arrangements for ownership control, suppliers, outsourcing, distribution, end-users and customers need outlining and a plan for preparation and ultimate implementation.

My tax planning experience added to all elements and levels of assembly ultimately puts you in the most efficient and beneficial position as possible.

Flexibility to pivot, react and respond overnight in a seamless fashion when preserved can keep you and your business relevant in an ever changing and challenging market place and business environment.

We then push you and your business out for its inaugural run and build into the next business cycle of growing continually into a successful and valuable enterprise with great opportunity.

My Services For A Great Business Start:

  • Advice on your business structure and selection of corporation, limited liability, sole proprietorship, joint venture, general partnership, limited partnership and combination and consolidated entities structures.

    Implementation of financial accounting systems and methods, classification of revenue and expenses and assembly of financial forecasts and reports.
  • Organizational documents, resolutions, bylaws operating agreement.
  • Acquisition of equipment, assets and property needed for your new venture.
  • Review of intellectual property matters, copyrights, patents and licensing agreement.
  • Financing options and opportunities and finding and attracting investors.
  • Discussion of employment policies, practices and agreement.
  • Outlining, structuring and implementation of transactional activities of your business.

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