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Tax Planning for All You Do

I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Tax Lawyer -  the highest standard for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in tax law and professionalism and ethics in the practice of law.

This Board certification recognizes my special knowledge, skills and proficiency in tax law and professionalism and ethics in practice.  This certification includes a peer review assessment of my competence in tax law plus my character, ethics and professionalism in the practice of law.  I am honored to serve as a resource on a continuing basis for many accounting firms and other financial and investment professionals.

My focus in your planning is to eliminate tax pitfalls and minimize the adverse tax impact of transactions or activities in which you or your business enter within the parameters allowed by applicable law. I take your desired result(s) and engineer courses of action and steps to assure tax effects do not disrupt or destroy its financial feasibility and stability.  Maybe we can also find a previously undetected but available tax benefit for you in that process.

Tax planning permeates every category of service I provide.  Taxes overlay all aspects of commercial and significant individual transactions and activities.  I have a deep understanding of the interplay of federal, state and local taxes and the impact on you as an individual and business owner and put it to work for you.

I assure the tax-free organization of your business within an entity structure that best serves you from a tax prospective on an ongoing basis.  Tested tax deferral and deduction acceleration strategies and actions within the law get evaluated and reviewed for potential use within your reoccurring revenue and ordinary business expenses.

Together we structure tax efficient financing and capitalization of your ongoing business. Asset and equipment acquisitions and disposal are planned to maximize available tax benefits.

We spin and split off, merge, reorganize and restructure your business and activities in potentially tax-free manner to achieve available but previously unused tax benefits. I also use the same techniques and others to make you eligible for new deductions and credits introduced by the many tax changes that occur on a regular basis.

Tax laws and regulations probably change more and faster than other area of law.  Tax laws can be the most detailed, complex and the resulting economic impact(s) the most challenging to you and your business.

I can help you with a high degree of creative legal effort, experienced business knowledge and straight forward efficient and effective solutions.

My Tax Planning For You May Include:

  • Taxable and tax-free asset and stock acquisitions, reorganizations, spinoffs, mergers split offs, recapitalizations, liquidations, buyouts and other combinations and divestitures.
  • Real estate transactions planning, like-kind exchanges, deferred like-kind exchanges and installment sales.
  • State tax planning for multistate apportionment, state tax credits and economic development incentives.
  • Employer, employee and executive compensation planning, benefit and incentive planning, stock options, restricted stock plans and retirement plans.
  • Structuring of private equity, angel and venture capital investors and funds and financings from a wide variety of other sources.
  • Tax planning for start-up entrepreneurs and family owned businesses.
  • General tax planning for individuals.

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