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Grabbing Success in Tax Audits, Disputes & Litigation

My focus and services for you in a tax audit, collection and litigation matter is providing you with the best possible outcome at the earliest possible stage.

Some amount of tax may ultimately be due in these matters.  But penalties, interest and the cost and expenses of mounting a formidable challenge to the proposed tax assessment always weigh heavily on how much fight a client should undertake. Managing all professionals and personnel working for you on these matters is important to avoiding costly duplicative efforts.

My experience best serves you in a tax controversy of potential significant financial impact by me providing my analysis and insight to your tax return preparers and other advisors on the factual, legal and procedural issues involved at the earliest moment of any level or stage of your challenge.

Insight into what is sufficient to ultimately prevail on your behalf is the crucial benefit of my experience.   I can outline the legal requirements to support your position and the information, materials, witnesses and factual collaboration needed to substantiate and prevail on your positions now being challenged by the taxing authority.   Quick, complete, crisp and clean responses to taxing authorities set the tone of strength and generally net better results. Such responses formulated based upon the experience of many tangles with taxing authorities are even more beneficial.

Advising you on the procedural elements involved at the current and various future times in your case is what my experience can provide.  My insight as to whether your position is best battled at the entry level examination or a next level appeal, protest or litigation helps manage your involved personnel and resources and can set you up for better potentially better ultimate results.

Tax audits, collections and litigation are unexpected monetary events regardless of the amount involved.  The resulting picture after the challenge must be larger.  I regularly provided clients with recommendations on internal accounting, data and information collecting procedures and policies which help you steer clear of future challenges by taxing authorities and reinforce safeguards.  At other times, it is necessary to use my insight and experience to prevail on an issue under challenge in order to preserve existing internal financial and accounting systems which are integral and work best for you and your business.

Effective and insightful representation of you at all stages and levels of a tax audit, collection and litigation matter are the services I can provide you to get the best and efficient resolution to your tax issues.

My Services For Best Results:

  • Federal, state and local tax audits of individuals and businesses involving personal and corporate income, sales, use, franchise and real estate (ad valorem) taxes arising out of national and international activities and operations.
  • State tax planning for multistate apportionment, state tax credits and economic development incentives.
  • Tax litigation before state and federal courts including the US Tax Court.
  • Representation of clients in Internal Revenue Service Appeals and advice and counseling on tax enforcement and collection proceedings.
  • Resolution of estate, inheritance and gift tax issues thru administrative hearings, appeals and litigation.
  • Technical assistance and analysis of law and factual issues with lead counsel in criminal tax matters.

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