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Commercial Agreements That Get the Job Done

My experience allows me to provide strategic advice on the structuring of agreements for ongoing use in your daily service, sales production, distribution, outsourcing and other activities.   I focus my efforts to craft simple, straight-forward language that gives a crystal-clear expression of the terms of any agreement to reduce ambiguities and confusion to help avoid disputes and reduce business risk.

The agreements and contracts I have drafted are as diverse and unique as my client base, the various industries and cycles of business in which they operate and succeed.   I authored some titled the “Move Forward Agreement,” “Not Quite The Final Agreement,” and “Software And Me” as a few.

The key element is for me to assure my clients understand their own contract provisions used in ongoing business.  It is also important I give my best practice guidance on issues of indemnification, standard service levels, confidential information, intellectual property protections, payment terms and dispute resolution alternatives.  They know the importance to hold the line on some provisions in negotiations and discussions with customers.  They also know and appreciate the range of flexibility they have with other terms and conditions.  This know-how allows them to use their personal expertise and touch to forge the best path to a successful ongoing and long-term business relationship with their customers, suppliers and distributors.

Together I work with my clients to achieve consistency in their ongoing contractual arrangements and contracting procedures so contract terms and conditions are uniformly and seamless applied in every one of their business relationships.  These efforts result in reducing business risks and preserving resources otherwise spent on resolving disputes.

Agreements To Get The Job Done:

  • Asset and stock purchase agreement.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Technology, trademark and patent licensing and equipment leasing arrangements.
  • Independent contractor agreements.
  • Agreement among business owners outlining business relationships.
  • Key man / key person engagement and retention agreements.
  • Employee bonus, incentives and stock plans and benefit programs.
  • Deferred compensation plans and programs.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution and settlements 
  • Distribution and supply arrangements. 
  • Outsourcing agreements. 
  • Maintenance and service agreements. 
  • Memoranda of understanding
  • Confidentiality agreements. 
  • Loan agreements, guarantees and securities.

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