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Getting That Streamlined and
Comprehensive Estate Plan

An estate plan is your prearranged advantage over inevitable and unexpected results. My focus with you is on the meaningful decisions and selections we craft and place within your estate planning documents.  The objective is to have you and your affairs prepared.

The estate planning goal for my clients is to provide care, stability and continued advancement opportunities to those who mean the most to you. Leaving your beneficiaries in the most capable position possible to chase the dreams you instilled and overcome the challenges and obstacles they will face without you is the result.

Estate planning is synonymous with wealth transfer and estate taxes.  Clients with continuing estate tax concerns can benefit from my creative and innovative strategies and steps to minimizing or eliminating federal estate taxes.

Law changes exempt most of us from federal estate taxes.  But there still can be state inheritance tax, federal gift and other tax issues along with insurance needs that be to be addressed in your overall game plan.

Plans for potential disability, incompetency and resulting long-term care, however, need to be discussed regardless of your financial status.  Selection of the person and successors to make you medical decision in the event you cannot do so are really important.  Sometimes obvious choices and multiple parties just might not be the best or most practical alternatives.

Forging the future for minor children and multiple children spanning multiple years from different relationships at different times with their different capabilities, personalities and perspectives can be the most challenging but most rewarding of your entire plan. My experience allows me to present reasoned and realistic alternatives to be pulled into an overall understandable and easily executed plan.

There is a lot more in your estate plan than a Last Will & Testament, healthcare directives, powers of attorney and more paper for the safety deposit box.  I can help assure your planning is on target, streamlined, comprehensive and fulfills your objectives and goals.

Services For Your Estate Plan:

  • Last Will & Testaments, durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogate designations, living wills, revocable living trusts and other dispositive and medical directives.
  • Review and analysis of nature and extent of assets and their complexity and obstacles to be streamlined into alternative simple division and distribution scenarios.
  • Examination, preparation and implementation of efforts needed to minimize federal and state estate and inheritance taxes over designated intervals.
  • Development and incorporation of annual gifting program to designated children, grandchildren and other beneficiaries in support of asset and wealth transition goals.
  • Methods and manner of providing for disability and incapacity and funding or benefit mechanisms via insurance, trusts or otherwise.
  • Preservation of wealth and examination and implementation of asset protection mechanisms where needed.
  • Structuring of division of assets to match personalities and capabilities of designated beneficiaries and provide continuing opportunities and spendthrift protections where needed.
  • Review need and prospects for life, disability and long-term care insurances and arrangement for reviews of available insurers.
  • Review and analyze use of trusts and foundations to hold and administer current charitable contributions and charitable bequests at death.
  • Take a look and see if the alphabet soup of estate planning techniques – FLP, QPRT, CRT, CLT, QPRT, GRAT, GRUT, DT, SCIN, IDGT and other - can be used to achieve desired goals and beneficial estate planning results.
  • Addressing continuing care of minor children, senior parents and relatives, pets and resolving selection of guardians of both their person and property and care takers.
  • Structure and implement the continued holding of family legacy assets like retreat to achieve inter-generational ownership goals
  • Keep it all simple and understandable.

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