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Combinations and Divestitures

Implementation of readily available business combinations can initiate faster ongoing business growth and secure long-term successful business affiliations and growth networks for stability for your future.  I can help formulate your objectives, structure the needed business combination strategies and put the plan(s) in action.

My experience includes negotiating, preparing and completing the complex transactional agreements needed. I am well-versed in the broad range of legal issues that arise in this business combination process. I provide critical strategic insight and advice to you in the process so the effort is understandable and meets the expected goals.

Tax-free mergers and other acquisitions are the old school proven techniques to achieve the combination of business entities.  A managed due diligence process is a key to assuring the seamless integration of each business, its processes, products, employees, cultures and policies into an ongoing successful and lasting enterprise.

Joint ventures can allow two or more parties to pool technologies, personnel and resources for the development of new services and products which cannot be achieved by any individual party.

Venture investments are done by an ongoing business to access newly developed or emerging technologies and products or services that complement and expand current business offerings.  I can assist in the strategy and finding the right structure, technologies and management.

My services help you avoid inefficient tax structures, regulatory obstacles and the tangle of unexpected legal issues and challenges.  I can assure the alignment and integration of the combination is complete and all the proper protections are in place and activated for the future.

My experience includes working with clients who have found success but in too many independent and non-related parts and functions.  Spinning or splitting off certain parts of business and other reorganizations in tax-free or taxable transactions can allow a needed refocus on and reenergizing of the core business.

Services for Business Realignments:

  • Taxable and tax-free reorganizations, mergers and recapitalizations.
  • Restructuring and alignment of multistate and regional entities into or out of consolidated groups and multi-layered ownership and operating entities.
  • Joint ventures, limited partnership and development and implementation of strategic alliances for long-term mutually beneficial business alliances and relationships.
  • Roll ups of complementing lines of business and establishing a foundation for successful business affiliations and growth networks.
  • Restructuring to avoid and eliminate dated tax structures and regulatory matters and maximize eligibility for economic, governmental and regulatory incentives and benefits.

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